Iced Coffee For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to explore a delicious iced coffee at home. It may seem like cold coffees are reserved for on-the-go canned or bottled coffees, but did you know that it’s extremely simple, satisfying, and even more delicious to brew your own iced coffee at home, fresh, with your favorite coffee? It is. At least, we think so. 🙂

We think that a freshly brewed, iced pour-over is the simplest and most refreshing way to enjoy your own iced coffee at home. And, yes, it’s simple. You can make it easily with a pour-over or drip coffee maker.

At its essence, iced coffee is extra strength coffee brewed directly over ice to shock the coffee, stopping the brew, while bringing the coffee back to normal strength. It’s that simple, and we love it because the paper filter preserves the cleanliness and sweet, smooth characteristics of a well crafted, speciality coffee and leaves you with a lively, nuanced coffee. Here’s how to do it.

Whether you’re making iced coffee with a Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave, or an automatic drip coffee maker, use your normal coffee to water ratio for your brew method and preferences. However, break the water into two parts – liquid and ice, and brew with the water onto the ice.

For an automatic coffee maker: if you normally make an 8-cup pot of coffee with 8 tablespoons of coffee and 40 oz of water, then try 8 tablespoons of coffee brewed with 20 oz of water directly over 20 oz of ice in your carafe. If you have a scale, weigh out 20 oz of ice. If you do not have a scale, you can use a liquid measuring cup to measure 20 oz of ice.

For a pour-over: if you normally use a ratio of 20 grams of coffee to 360 grams of water, try 20 grams of coffee to 180 grams of water brewed directly onto 180 grams of ice.

We think that you’ll love this version of iced-coffee. Try it on a hot afternoon or for your next summer cook out. Enjoy.

If you have any questions or need help perfecting your method, reach out to us. We’re always happy to hear your feedback and help you enjoy your best coffee at home.