Is Manual Coffee Brewing For Me?

If you have ever had a cup of coffee that was so delicious that you wondered why your coffee at home doesn’t taste the same, or you have heard someone mention how sweet, complex, and full of life their coffee is that you began to wonder what you’re missing, then you may be interested in beginning to manually brew your coffee at home.

What is manual coffee brewing?

Simply stated, manual coffee brewing is brewing coffee by hand. We are all acquainted with automatic coffee brewers that you fill with water, add a filter and ground coffee and begin the brew cycle.

Brewing coffee by hand requires you to manually apply hot water to your coffee grounds so as to control water temperature, water dispersion, and brew time. By doing so, you’re able to optimally extract flavor and brew a truly great cup of coffee.

First and foremost, the process and routine of brewing coffee by hand may not be for everyone. It really comes down to your intentions, personality, and your desires. It’s not even necessarily for those who are interested in amazing coffee – as there are coffee brewers available for the home that will produce excellent tasting cups of coffee with quality extraction.

A manual setup does require a minimal amount of time, energy, and enjoyment to make it happen well. Of course, you may know people who focus on the minute details and are always experimenting and trying new things; however, this is not the norm, and it is not required for a great cup of coffee.

So who is it for?

If you enjoy coffee, then you are more than halfway there. Perhaps you are interested in getting a little more flavor out of your coffee, or you enjoy learning and maximizing your experiences in general.

People who enjoy manually brewing their coffee are those who may also enjoy cooking, creating art, or even cleaning – anything where something is transformed from one state to another and creates a sense of satisfaction.

It can also be for people who are desiring to slow down just a little bit and be more present in their activities. In so many areas of our lives, we have a tendency to move quickly. So, it may delight you to have a few extra moments of present intentionality to serve as practice for the next moments of your day.


In summary, you may love brewing coffee manually if:

  • You love coffee
  • Want to make coffee taste better
  • Want to learn more about coffee
  • You enjoy the art of cooking and the satisfaction of being creative
  • You desire to have a few extra moments to pause

If you can identify with anything above then perhaps you would enjoy following the steps to begin brewing your coffee manually – at home.