Why I Started Pounds Coffee To Enjoy Coffee At Home

I’ve worked with coffee for many years. I’ve brewed, roasted, and created cafe experiences, but most of all, I’ve served it. I’ve learned how to do coffee well, simply because I love serving people.

Since I first started working with coffee, I knew that I wanted to create a coffee business and a brand experience that was unique. It would accentuate the experiences in life that we already love the most and remove distractions. I simply wanted to help people enjoy their lives more at home.

It’s always been my belief that we serve excellent coffee to people simply because the people that we serve deserve our best.

You see this too when you have friends or family over to your home, you often offer them a cup of coffee. It’s polite, but it’s more than just being polite. You want to delight them.

If coffee is an experience that can lift someone’s day or bring them a little joy, if even for a moment, then why not find ways to integrate great coffee into our every day lives.

What better place is there to begin than in your home? The home is where life happens. It’s where you live, sleep, eat, spend time with your family and friends. Home is where you get away from work, and maybe find a breath.

A couple of stories that are close to me communicate the “wins” that I want to celebrate and the stories that I know are accessible for everyone to be able to tell.

When my father, after years of going for his favorite coffee every morning, began to brew Pounds Coffee at home, he realized the joy in a great tasting coffee right from his own kitchen. He remarked, “It’s light, yet meaningful. It’s more than coffee.”

Another friend, after trying Pounds Coffee at home tweeted, “I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced coffee this great at home.”

My stepfather has 2 cups of coffee every morning and always has. After trying Pounds, he experienced a taste that he truly thought exceptional, and that he didn’t even know existed.

These stories, while they seem so small, are huge. Why? Because coffee was meant for the home — the place where we find contentment, where we work so hard to create a culture for our families, and where we begin and end our day.

My best coffee will always be enjoyed in my own home, because it’s my home. I want to enjoy life fully right here, and a good cup of coffee always helps me do that.

I started Pounds Coffee — so that you may enjoy your best coffee at home.