Your Morning Routine Can Lift Your Entire Day

The water is boiling in the kitchen and your home is filling with the aroma of freshly ground coffee as you’re preparing breakfast and gathering what you need to start your day the right way.


Do you ever feel like your morning moved so fast that you find yourself on your way to work or diving into your day's to-do list having skipped your morning routine? There are many days when I feel the tension to run out of my house and get to work without first taking the time that I need to sit down and allocate a few moments to move slowly into my day. Some days work wins and I take off and get to work early. Other days, I head back inside and slow down.

Sometimes we have a tendency to move fast, and the morning can turn into a series of things that we have to do in order to get on to what’s next. In so doing, – and we may not think about it this way all the time, but – we're teaching ourselves how to not be present and patient.

If we really want to be able to add value to our jobs, families, and teams that we’re a part of and lead, then the best way to ensure that we can give our all is to make sure that we have all of ourselves to give.

If we begin to view our mornings as something more than just the gateway to the rest of our day, then we can fill our mornings with a purpose that motivates us to be fully devoted to the things that matter most: our families, spouses, relationships, faith, and the process of growing in integrity, honesty, and character.


your morning routine can lift your entire day


Ten to fifteen minutes can go a long way as we practice being fully present in our morning routines. Make a cup of coffee, sit down in a quiet part of your house, read a short devotional, spend time reflecting on what’s most important to you. Whatever you want your morning to be, aim for that. The key is to practice subtle devotion even in these small moments – in the early morning.

My morning routine is to make a cup of coffee with a small breakfast and read a short bible devotional and spend a few minutes in prayer. By giving your morning a purpose, you’ll begin to notice your appreciation and value for your morning rise drastically, not to mention your satisfaction moving into the rest of your day.

Imagine preparing for your day with a healthy pace, full of contentment, rather than simply moving on to the next thing. Our morning routines really do have the potential to lift our entire days.


your morning routine can lift your entire day