Wait For The Lord

"Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart be courageous. Wait for the Lord."

King David, Psalm 27:14

It's not easy to wait. If you feel as though things are not going your way or that other people’s plans are prevailing, and perhaps even against you, it can be difficult to keep waiting. We have a tendency to get fixated on what we don’t yet have and what everyone else seemingly does.

David, a King and Psalmist, reveals his thoughts when he feared what was happening and who was gathering around him. He waited on the Lord. He focused on who God is and what God had done for him.

'Waiting' carries a preconceived notion that you must passively stand by. But, 'waiting on the Lord', means to trust in his action. Consider a soldier on the frontline of battle waiting for his commander's direction.

Like a soldier, wait. Wait, and trust, knowing that your commander God knows exactly the right time to move. He has planned and knows the movements of the rest of his army. He knows the movements and plans of your enemies. He knows.

So, hold.... Hold…. HOLD. Wait for his command. But, how?

Stand tall, build confidence, make yourself strong, encourage your heart knowing that God will not fail – wait, actively. As David reflects in Psalm 27, gaze upon the Lord, dwell with him, and seek his face.

At the times when you feel impatient, stand tall, stand confident, and allow yourself to feel courage – not in yourself, your plans, or abilities, but in God Almighty. Do this actively and you'll be training yourself how to 'wait for the Lord.'


  • Read Psalm 27.
  • Prayerfully list out as many attributes of God that you can.
  • Recount at least one story in your own life or someone close to you where God came through. Keep going.
  • What is one way that you can choose to dwell with God? Make some time in your schedule to do this as often and routinely as you can.