Introducing Two New Coffees

Our goal in producing coffees for you to enjoy at home starts with taste profiles that are simple, distraction-free, and surprising. We’ve recently launched two new coffees at an important time in the life of Pounds Coffee, and we’re excited for you to be able to enjoy them.


Coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia is how Pounds got it’s start, so this is a special one for us. We love the subtle sweetness and incredibly smooth and balanced feel this coffee offers, so we’ve decided to bring it back – and hopefully keep it around for quite a while.

Colombian coffees are generally known for being rich in chocolates, and often exhibit vanilla, caramel, and fruity flavors that make this region so special and a staple to the coffee world.

In our newest Colombian coffee from the Cauca region, you can expect to enjoy the characteristically chocolaty coffee with a lasting caramel finish.


Guatemala has long been beloved by coffee drinkers everywhere and known for it’s high quality coffee production, in-country farm support systems, and marketing.

Guatemalan coffees generally exhibit soft caramels with a lot of pleasant sweetness, and our newest Guatemalan coffee from Huehuetenango (pronounced Way Way Teh Nan Go) brings about fruitier profiles than other regions. It may be a tough word to say, but an easy coffee to love.