Important Information About:

Coffee, as an agricultural crop, is seasonal in nature. We purchase and source coffees that we are excited to roast and offer to our customers, and at times these coffees may come and go from our offerings.

If we are suspending a coffee that you currently subscribe to, we will make every effort to communicate our new selections in advance so as to give you the chance to update your subscriptions.

If you have not updated your subscription by the date requested (typically 4 weeks), then we will automatically update your subscription to reflect what we believe to be the best adaptation to your current selections.

How we decide which coffees to swap automatically for you:

  • Our first priority is to find a coffee with a similar or less expensive price. We will not automatically alter your subscription by more than $1 per coffee unless otherwise communicated.
  • Our second priority is to find a coffee that has a similar taste profile to the coffee being replaced.

If you have any questions about the seasonal nature of coffee and how it may effect your subscription, please do not hesitate to ask.